Black Lawyers  Association

Striving for a transformed legal profession since 1977


As a result of our philosophy to be the most forward thinking Organisation and our focus on understanding legal transformation needs, we have and will continue to expand across South Africa.  We are currently having braches in all nine South African Provinces.

aims and ojectives

Our  role

Is to make sure that we are COMMITTED towards a democratic society and an independent judiciary that is transparent, accountable, non-sexist and non racial.
Promoting and supporting investment programmes that lead to broad-based and meaningful participation in the economy by black people in order to achieve sustainable development and general prosperity.

  • Foster, protect and uphold the rights and interest of its members;
  • Uphold, protect and advance human rights, civil liberties and the Rule of Law for the politically, socially and economically marginalized;
  • Co-operate with bodies that have similar objectives locally, regionally and internationally;
  • Fight and challenge all discriminatory practices;
  • Be and remain non-sectarian politically;
  • Promote a non racial, non sexist judicial system and society;
  • Be the national and inter national voice for its members;
  • Strive for the empowerment of women;
  • Strive for the empowerment of disadvantaged communities;
  • Without limitation to its aims and objectives mentioned herein, do all or any of the things necessary for the advancements of its interests and image;
  • To promote and advance the evolution of jurisprudential order based on and reflective of the cultural aspirations, norms and values of the majority of our society.

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