From The President


The face of Governance of the legal profession in South Africa shall with effect from the 31st October 2018 never be the same. The Legal Practice Council demonstrated its unwavering confidence in women leadership when at its first official meeting elected attorney Kathleen Matolo-Dlepu and advocate Anthea Platt as chairperson and vice chairperson respectively.

The Black Lawyers Association (BLA) takes this opportunity to congratulate all stakeholders in the legal profession for the smooth transition which resulted in the inauguration of the new Legal Practice Council. We note with pride and applaud the new leadership of the profession as it once more unequivocally demonstrated its commitment to the values of the Constitution of our country by electing two Black Women as the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Legal Practice Council.

BLA remains vigilant in its commitment to the cause for true freedom and democracy in our beloved country. We will not allow ourselves to be derailed by people who have suddenly become constitutional experts and want to lecture us on its values when throughout their lives they have been benefiting from the evil system of Apartheid. We must not be deceived by cheap talk of those who are against change. As agents of change in the legal profession, we have always known that there were going to be resistance from some people who are used to privilege and see equality as injustice.

We remain resolute and unwavering in our commitment to truly give our people a profession that they will be proud of. BLA calls upon all members of the legal profession and civil society to support the new leadership.

The 31st of October 2018 marks a very important day in our history as a profession and country. The provincial law societies which regulated the legal profession for more than 100 years shall permanently close their doors when we usher in the Legal Practice Council in their place. In our history it will be for the first time that advocates and attorneys shall be under the authority of one regulatory body.

Members of the newly elected executive committee of the Legal Practice Council are:-

  1. Ms Kathleen Matolo-Dlepu: Chairperson;

  2. Ms Anthea Platt: Vice Chairperson;
  3. Mr Greg Harpur;
  4. Mr Lutendo Sigogo;
  5. Mr Jan Stemmett;
  6. Mr Philip Zilwa; and
  7. Ms Trudie Nichols